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Pipe rain test device
Ozone climatic test chamber
Drip box
Sulfur dioxide test chamber
Rustproof grease humidity te...
High and low temperature alt...
High and low temperature tes...
Constant temperature and hum...
Precise drying test chamber
Air ventilation climatic tes...
Mould test chamber
Sand and dust test chamber
Temperature shock test chamb...
Xenon lamp weather resistanc...
Box rain test chamber
Salt spray test chamber
Drug Stability Test Chamber
Vacuum oven
Computer control vibrating t...
UV weather resistance test c...

Company: Shanghai Linpin Instrument Stock Co.,Ltd
Address of sales office: Scientific and technological garden of source of deep blue No.58, Xiangyun Road, Minhang Economic Technical Development Area, Shanghai
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Sheng Yang Branch:
Address: No 45, Zhong hua road He ping area, Sheng yang
Tel: 024-83503936 31314378 (exchange line) 31314396 31318353(direct line)
Fax: 024-83502042
Email: linpin@sylinpin.com
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Bei Jing Branch:
Address: Room 110,4th unit, No 2 building, second area of Zheng Xing Jia Yuan, Song Jia Zhuang, Feng Tai area, Bei jing
Contact person: Mr. Fang 13522521226
Tel: 010-68167655    89801688
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Email: bjlinpin@linpin.com.cn
Web site: http:// www.bjlinpin.com

Shei Zheng Branch:
Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Sha Street, Building A, Second Village, 603 Sixth
Contact person: Mr. wang 13522521226
Tel: 0755-36651189    36651185
Fax: 0755-36651185
Email: linpin@linpin.com.cn
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